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How can you clean away ALL the dust, bacteria, dirt, dustmites and allergens hidden in your carpet?

Answer – with eco friendly hot water extraction cleaning.  This is the only method that effectively removes all traces of dirt and contaminants in your carpets, leaving them really clean.

Carpet Cleaning ServicesWe use Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extractor Machines to deep clean your carpet.  Not only does our hot water extraction cleaning method completely clean your carpet, right down to the base of the fibres, by using prochems natural range of eco friendly cleaning solutions we guarantee:

  • No Enzymes
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Detergents
  • No Bleaches
  • No Residues
  • No Phosphates

So you can be sure that the solution will leave your carpet looking cleaner and brighter without affecting the original colour or texture and without harming the environment.

The other advantages of the carpet cleaning methods we use is that the machine doesn’t need to come into your house – it stays outside.  All the water and dirt is immediately removed back out of the carpet through a sealed hose to the van and then taken away.

Reduce Carpet AllergiesSpecialist carpet cleaning can even reduce allergies – by removing all the hidden allergens, animal hair, pollen and dustmites that accumulate in your carpet.

"I would never use anybody else- my carpets come up like new each time they are cleaned.They are simply the best carpet cleaner i have ever used"
Mrs M craigie, East sheen, London SW14.

"When our clients ask us about carpet maintenance we reccomend cemac with complete confidence"
Carpet designs (retailer) surrey.

Protect your carpet from spills and stains!

Supplier of Fluoroseal™ carpet protectors, which protect your carpets against stains, water and oil based spillages. Fluoroseal also contains a stain blocker that helps in the removal of food colourings and dyes.

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